Features: High Clarity, High Performance, One-Sided Cling, Puncture Resistant, Rust Prevention.
          Widely used in different industries . 
          Ideal For various products,Pallets,moving ,storage,Wrapping .
         Prevent the transportation from falling and falling, moisture, dust, anti-theft, shockproof and strong protection.

Low-noise tape

Low noise tape reduces noise during application making it ideal for use in confined and busy environments. Your life will be more comvenient.

Suitable for warehouse's, confined areas, and noise sensitive areas

Mini stretch film

The stretch film has a handle, holding the handle to pull the film wrapped items easily and effortlessly, very suitable for small items packaging, can be perfectly sealed and protected

Used for manual packing and play a very good protective effect on the transport of samll items

About us

Jack & sunny is a food packaging supplies brand under the Shenzhen Chengxing Weiye Industrial Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Chengxing Group. It provides various kinds of packaging products such as BOPP packing tape,LLDPE pallet stratch film, PE/PVC food cling film, storage bags, aluminium foil, baking paper etc. Jack & sunny has launched a new range of biodegradable plastic products that have been sold to Australia and European countries and have received high praise and long-term cooperation from customers. Welcome customers around the world to send inquiry and customize products.